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Total number of trips to each continent The points where you recorded videos The videos for the selected city Play a video, and easily switch to other videos Add new videos to the selected city Intuitive buttons to record new videos

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Manage Your Groceries;See what's expiring soon, or all items in your fridge Shopping List;Created for you from what's expiring soon Replace Items;Change expiration dates for items you're replacing Add Items;Just take a picture, and enter in the expiration date Remove Items;If you no longer buy an item, just remove it Notifications;Get notifications before your food expires
Manage Your Groceries
See what's expiring soon, or all items in your fridge
Create meetings quickly with drag & drop capability Your next meeting on your phone's widgets Watch app displays your existing meetings Your meetings in chronological order Organize your friends and family into groups Keep all your favorite places saved Get notifications when your meetings are happening
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